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A high school LoL club may seem like a cool idea, but it’s easy to believe that this could never happen for you at your school. This page is designed to help you understand why this club is about more than playing games, and why your teacher/parent should support you on your gaming journey.


If you’re keen to get a League of Legends club started at your school, the best way is to start talking to those who can help. If you’ve got a case of the Emumus (thinking “This will never happen at my school”) you may be pleasantly surprised. There’s more benefit to playing League of Legends with your peers than you may think. Below are some tips on how to be proactive and start the discussion!


Plenty of adults, parents and teachers didn’t grow up with video games, so they may not understand what the medium has to offer. This time it’s up to you to educate them. Sound strange? It might, but by talking openly to an adult you can help them understand what you are passionate about and why it’s important.

Teachers and parents want what’s best for you because they want you to excel in life, so a dismissal of video games can come from a good place. It may just be they don’t understand the benefits you see and feel, so explain it to them!


Before approaching a teacher, first you need to properly understand what a high school League of Legends club does. LoL clubs aren’t just places to play games – they revolve around playing games, sure – but the point of a club is to take your regular gaming experience to the next level, helping you learn though play.

It does this by following the below process:

This process uses League of Legends to help you identify skills that you can improve and then work on improving these in futures games of LoL.


The skills that can come from a LoL club will not only help with your League of Legends mastery, but also your day to day education and social interactions.

Some of these are as follows:



League of Legends relies so much on communication in order to achieve success. You need to know when a gank is coming, or when Baron is the call over a tower. The more you interact with your LoL team, the more practice you get communicating .


A League of Legends team is made up of five very different people with five very different playstyles and personalities – this can make coming together as a team a challenging task. Your ability to lead and listen productively will not only help in LoL, but extends to the classroom, social situations and (later in life) the workplace.


Online competitive play – esports – is no different to sport. When playing, you will definitely encounter tough situations and split second decisions that ultimately affect whether your team wins or loses. These moments provide great opportunities to learn about our own behaviour and how we act and treat others. What makes us tilt? What do we do that could cause others to tilt? It’s easy to hide behind a screen when online, but the other players in-game are people too, and the way we choose to act affects everyone around us. There are plenty of benefits from building positive and productive interactions with others, but we need to learn what this looks like  in order to create and maintain meaningful friendships and communities – online and in real life. 


There are many things that make up sportsmanship. When you work together in LoL to achieve a goal: that’s sportsmanship; when you shake hands with the opponent after a game: that’s sportsmanship. A sporting mindset helps you keep your cool so you’re less likely to take your frustrations out on others. Top performers make mistakes or face obstacles just like everyone else, the difference is that they get back on track faster than most. When you’re playing as part of a cohesive team, you’re more likely to think about your actions and want to do the right thing. A sportsmanlike mindset will help you to deal with external pressure points or triggers not just in LoL but also in life. 


Like anything you enjoy, it’s important to maintain a healthy life balance. When you find something you like it can be easy to double down and go all out. Burgers are great, but eating them for every meal is bad for your health. Exercise is important, but too much, too soon can cause injury. Making time for study, family and friends is crucial to a healthy life.

LoL clubs are a great place to learn healthy gaming habits, as you’ll be practising these under the guidance of a teacher and around like-minded students.


When the topic of video games comes up, those who aren’t familiar with the medium tend to pinpoint the violence factor: games are too violent and they make people violent. There is actually very little research that supports the latter, and a lot that suggests otherwise.

We’ve put together this discussion paper that deals with violence in video games and how this relates to League of Legends, its rating and what this means. Share this with your parent or teacher to give them a better understanding of this space.

As far as violence in League of Legends is concerned, it also helps to talk candidly with your parent or teacher to help them understand the ins-and-outs of LoL. By explaining the strategy-based gameplay of League of Legends, the teamwork required or even the characters and interactions, they’ll get a better understanding of what the game is, and how it differs from more violent games. Better yet, show them a gameplay video so they can see the game for themselves!


It might help to backup your reasoning with some materials. Below are some that are worth sending your teacher:

Useful Links:

This Website: Once you’ve had a chat to your teacher, send them to It has all they need to understand what clubs are, their purpose and benefits.

Learning Objectives: A great way to show the wholistic educational benefits of a League of Legends club is to direct a teacher or parent to this page.

Sportsmanship: Sportsmanship is important, but it’s a very broad term. LoL clubs have identified six aspects that you can focus and improve while playing LoL and they’re outlined on this page.

LoL Clubs Video: Add other voices to your discussion with the LoL Clubs video!


Australian Teaching Guide

One important point are that these clubs align with the curriculum! This guide gives an in-depth look at the benefits of teaching with League of Legends, why LoL clubs are important and how sportsmanship and online behaviour tie into the Australian curriculum. It’s the go-to teacher resource for LoL clubs, so be sure to share it with them!


New Zealand Teaching Guide

One important point are that these clubs align with the curriculum! This guide gives an in-depth look at the benefits of teaching with League of Legends, why LoL clubs are important and how sportsmanship and online behaviour tie into the New Zealand curriculum. To risk sounding repetitive, it’s the go-to teacher resource for LoL clubs, so be sure to share it with them!


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