About patching:

Patches are typically delivered to LoL at 5 AM AEDT/ST on Wednesday, every two weeks. They are often a few hundred megabytes in size, although can sometimes be larger depending on how much content is being shipped in any given patch cycle.

Patching help:

Things that typically create issues patching LoL in high school include:

  • Proxies – all traffic from the LoL application needs to be properly directed through your school or state level proxy.
  • Ports – certain ports do need to be opened on your network for LoL, you can view these lists of ports here.
  • Firewalls – ensure that LoL has access to operate through your client and network firewalls when your club is in session or when you’ve scheduled for LoL to be updated.
  • User Access – whatever user account being utilized when the LoL patch process is commenced, it must have the access rights to make changes to the LoL directory on the given computer.

If you continue to have issues patching the game after reviewing this information please contact the Riot Oceania team for help by completing our support form.

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My question wasn’t covered in the FAQ or website resources. How do I get help?

  • You can reach out to the Riot Oceania team for help by completing our support form.

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