If your club is just looking to play a match against another school, the first thing you could do is attempt to contact the other teachers listed on the club directory and gauge when you could possibly set up a game with them.

When you decide on a time to play, either yourself or the other school’s club teacher can organise for their students to set up a custom game lobby in LoL, and pass the lobby name and password to the other club’s teacher for their students to join.
You don’t need to restrict your challenge to your local area. Feel free to reach out to teachers in any state, keeping in mind any time zone differences.

If your students want to engage in a more serious competition with other local schools you could work with the other schools in your region or local area to set up a tournament. Refer to this page for information on what you’ll need to consider and the tools available to assist in the running of the tournament.

If your students are looking to really test their teamwork and coordination, your school may even choose to compete in one of the national tournaments.

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All you need to know about operating a high school League of Legends club.

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