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When taking the first steps in starting a League of Legends club, we’ve found that teachers sometimes don’t have everything they need to do to get a club set up and working. Here are the main areas to consider.


We expect many schools will have a group of students who play League of Legends (LoL), but you won’t be able to gauge this interest without getting the word out. We’ve created a range of flyer templates to help, which are available in in the Club Materials section of our Resources page.

Some clubs start out primarily with students completely new to League of Legends. In these cases, students familiar with the game are usually quite keen to take on a mentorship role to help their peers learn the game.

Some new players tend to prefer spectating a few games of LoL in the club sessions or school tournaments before deciding to join the club and learn the game.


If you’re yet to seek official support from your school’s leadership, the information on our Learning Objectives page and the Teaching Guides section of our Resources page will help you prepare for the conversation. See Section 3 of the Australian or New Zealand Teaching Guides below (also on the Resources page) to understand how teaching the values of sportsmanship aligns with the outcomes of your country’s national curriculum.

Australian Teaching Guide

New Zealand Teaching Guide


When obtaining parental consent for any student that wants to join your LoL club, you’ll likely want to include the following in your consent form:

  • The objective of your club
  • A student must be aged 13 years or older to create a League of Legends account
  • The League of Legends classification rating in your country (see related FAQ)
  • Students will be supervised by a school member of staff
  • Zero cost to set up and play League of Legends


It is a good idea to get your School IT Department involved, as they might be able to help with any tech-y things in getting League of Legends up and running prior to starting your club.

They will be able to help address any technical issues within the school environment which might impact League of Legends ability to function smoothly, and if needed they may be required to open network access for League of Legends.

We’ve got a Tech Guide which can be passed on, and should hopefully answer most questions they might have.

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