High School Esports

Want to compete against other schools? Local tournaments across Australia & New Zealand allow students to do just that, with the top teams seeding into a trans-Tasman regional championship.


This year, schools around Australia and New Zealand have the opportunity to take their League of Legends play to the next level. We’ve partnered with both the High School League and the High School Esports League to run a brand new tournament: the High School League of Legends Australian & New Zealand Championship.

Similar to traditional sports, each Australian state & territory will have its own school tournament – with New Zealand continuing to keep theirs nationwide. These tournaments will run during terms 2 and 3 of 2018, culminating in a final for each region.

The winning schools will then play off to crown the sole winner of the High School League of Legends Australian and New Zealand Championship.


The heat of competition is the most exciting way to experience League of Legends. In this environment, students will need to work together and make split second decisions that can heavily influence the outcome of a game. The opportunity to improve skills like communication, resilience and leadership rise from this tournament, while also giving students the chance to make new friends and enjoy the thrill of playing alongside their peers in a competitive environment.


Teams must be led by a teacher and approved by the school. Register your school’s interest with our partners below:

High School League

    • NSW
    • QLD
    • ACT
    • NZ

Registration closes Jun 29, 2018

High School Esports League

    • VIC
    • WA
    • SA
    • NT
    • TAS

Registration closes May 23, 2018

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