What are LoL Clubs?

Lessons are more effective when they’re fun. A high school League of Legends club provides an environment in which students are able to learn important skills and values whilst doing something they are already passionate about: gaming.

Students have a future of online activity, it’s our responsibility as leaders and educators to offer the necessary tools to foster digital citizens.

Some of the values and skills students can learn through a high school LoL club include:

  • The ability to relate well to others and form and maintain healthy relationships
  • How to positively deal with situations under pressure
  • The importance of competitive integrity and mastery of the pursuit of fair play

By engaging through play, LoL clubs encourage students to become conscientious leaders and
effective communicators in both the online and wider community.


League of Legends (LoL) clubs are extracurricular school clubs where student gamers can learn and practise the values of sportsmanship and healthy online behaviour while doing something they love.

Under a teacher’s guidance and supervision, these clubs do more than provide a space for students to play League of Legends with their peers – they encourage honest self assessment. Our teaching materials are designed to help students analyse and reflect on their behaviour in-game, before identifying how they can work towards creating positive and meaningful interactions online.

The focus for teachers is behavioural observation, helping students appropriately deal with interactions that come from a competitive environment. Student gamers can then reap the benefits of these learnings by putting them into practice, deeply engaging through a game that is fun and challenging, with a strong focus on mastery.


We know the benefits of traditional high school sports and how teamwork and productive collaboration can be promoted through meaningful competition. If this can be promoted in rugby or cricket, why not in League of Legends?

Through gaming, we have the opportunity to reach a different type of student, one who’s never been passionate about high school sports, but would enjoy the opportunity to learn these exact same soft and hard skills by playing League of Legends. We believe League of Legends can help to cultivate friendship, cooperation and teamwork among students – essential skills that will prove invaluable when building relationships and careers.

When playing League of Legends things can get pretty heated – it is a competitive game and it means a lot to those who play. In-game, students have to make split-second decisions that impact whether their team will win or lose, which is not an easy thing to do. Skills like communication, resilience and leadership are so important in a competitive environment, and often overlooked by those who play games without guidance. It’s for this reason that LoL can be used as a tool to facilitate purposeful conversations between educators and students, helping students understand what appropriate online behaviour looks like, and how to put this into practice.

Riot Games encourages sportsmanlike and social play among League of Legends players, and we’re excited to support teachers and students drive teaching and learning these values in their community. By partnering with teachers, we hope to cultivate friendly and sportsmanlike communities which students will aspire to maintain for the rest of their lives.


You don’t need to be a computer wiz or even play League of Legends to start a club. As mentioned above, the main job of a teacher is behavioural observation and guidance on a student’s journey to becoming a conscientious digital citizen.

Head over to our Start a Club section and we’ll go through a verification process with you. After this, you may choose to be, or not to be, included in the Club Directory.

You can find a quick guide on how to start a club over at our Getting Started page, and additional information in the Teaching Guides section of our Resources page. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • Lesley PodestaCEO of Alannah & Madeline Foundation
    The Alannah & Madeline Foundation is passionate about creating safe online environments for young people. By bringing gaming to schools through clubs, we hope that teachers can set examples of fair play and guide discussions to create positive and healthy behaviour in students.
  • Stanley ChangScience Teacher at Howick College in Auckland
    Students in general were eager to play the game with each other but most importantly, they were able to use the club as a platform to communicate with other students they have never spoken to. In a way, the club allowed students to develop new friendships and bonds.
  • Anne CollierFounder, iCanHelpline.org
    The LoL Clubs initiative [is] both brilliant and logical. What I mean is, think about how tough it would be to teach swimming without a pool. High School League of Legends Clubs give schools the opportunity to facilitate digital citizenship in digital environments, the only kind of place where it could ever really be practised.
  • Michael GreenStudent at Burnside High School
    I now use my mistakes to improve: How can I learn from this? How do I get better? It helps that our teams are reflecting as a group.
  • Anne CollierFounder, iCanHelpline.org
    League of Legends has been teaching its players digital citizenship from LoL Day 1, giving players opportunities to practise citizenship in a way that's fun and meaningful to them. What a concept, right?!
  • Brett Duncan Year 7 Coordinator at Roxburgh College
    Each game the students play, they discuss with me how the game has gone, what they were happy with and disappointed in, and we would then approach this discussion in a multitude of different ways.

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