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High School League of Legends is a Riot Games initiative supported by leaders in education, student welfare and research. Here is what our partners have to say about their partnership with us.


The Alannah & Madeline Foundation works to keep children safe across a number of environments. No child should experience bullying and in online environments (such as gaming) it may lead to depression and anxiety.

The Foundation supports Riot Games’ desire to teach students the importance of positive online interaction. Their High School League of Legends Clubs initiative works to encourage positive conduct by featuring behaviours such as respect and integrity, it will assist in building player resilience and encourage good sporting and play behaviours.

By bringing gaming to schools through clubs, we hope that teachers can set examples of fair play and guide discussions to create positive and healthy behaviour in students. As clubs progress, opportunities for students to become leaders and mentors can emerge, offering new and authentic learning experiences. A school club can also provide an opportunity for teens not interested in physical sports, to learn traditional team sport values in a way that is meaningful and fun.

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation is passionate about creating safe online environments for young people.

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When we first learned of Riot Games’ work with gaming communities and the efforts they had made in addressing toxic behaviour in League of Legends, we were struck by how aligned we were in our approaches to dealing with these issues. Since becoming official charity partners in 2016, our partnership with Riot Games has now become an important element of our work in educating and supporting players all over the world.

It’s important for us to engage positively with the online gaming community if we wish to make a difference.  Helping players to shape behaviour and cultivate a more inclusive experience in games, for themselves and for others, is a huge opportunity for us to start creating the changes we all want to see, not only in online games and the wider online experience, but in the real word too.

Just as gamers would like to feel welcome and be respected by others, so do people outside of online gaming. Riot and Cybersmile recognise that many of the changes that gamers and Internet users want to see are the same, and by working together we can achieve our mutual goal — to cultivate a better online world for everyone.

Our work with Riot includes playing our part in the development of the High School LoL Clubs initiative. This innovative new educational program teaches students the skills needed to compete in competitive play such as teamwork, peer to peer learning and positive attitude, as well as cultivating more self aware, resilient and emotionally intelligent digital citizens.

As gaming and eSports continue to grow, we see this partnership as an excellent opportunity to help gamers better themselves and the environments they enjoy so much, working together to build a stronger, positive online future.

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At Two Hat, we believe that everyone has the right to share online without fear of harassment or abuse. Every day, we help gaming and social platforms foster healthy, and inclusive online spaces. And just like Riot Games, we believe that encouraging the ideals of online etiquette and the Summoner’s Code are just as crucial in those online spaces as they are on the playing field.

Ivan and his team are doing critical work in Oceania. The High School League of Legends Clubs initiative teaches students, teachers, and parents the core values of digital citizenship, fair play, and the six aspects of sportsmanship. All of these topics are dear to our hearts (and core to our mission) at Two Hat. Deciding to partner with the High School LoL Clubs initiative was a no-brainer for us! We look forward to collaborating with the High School League of Legends Clubs team to create brand-new resources for teachers, parents, and students, all centred around the concept of online risk.

The industry is poised for a major change over the next year. We believe that in 2018 the values of digital citizenship, fair play, and sportsmanship will become the standard across all platforms. We’re proud to work alongside a visionary company like Riot Games to help usher in a new age of sportsmanship and mutual respect in gaming. And what better place to start than with high school students — the digital citizens of the future.

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  • Lesley PodestaCEO of Alannah & Madeline Foundation
    The Alannah & Madeline Foundation is passionate about creating safe online environments for young people. By bringing gaming to schools through clubs, we hope that teachers can set examples of fair play and guide discussions to create positive and healthy behaviour in students.
  • Carlos FigueiredoDirector of Community Trust & Safety at Two Hat Security
    Riot Games is leading the way with high school League of Legends clubs, offering students and teachers an invaluable opportunity to explore and practise online citizenship in a unique way. Dedicated to producing long-lasting results, Riot Games is shaping new online citizens who are learning how to use digital platforms with purpose and awareness.
  • Stanley ChangScience Teacher at Howick College in Auckland
    Students in general were eager to play the game with each other but most importantly, they were able to use the club as a platform to communicate with other students they have never spoken to. In a way, the club allowed students to develop new friendships and bonds.
  • Dan RaisbeckCo-Founder of The Cybersmile Foundation
    The LoL High School initiative is an incredible opportunity for schools to address many of the important issues young people are now facing in the digital age. Positive engagement, peer to peer support, teamwork, resilience, confidence, digital citizenship and developing new friendships are just some of the benefits that schools are teaching and experiencing with this exciting new opportunity.
  • Kurt SquireProfessor at University of California, Irvine
    The work Riot Games is doing to promote sportsmanship through schools and gaming clubs is critically important as we try to help a generation grow up online. Riot is giving teachers, parents, and students tools and frameworks to think through the challenges we all face in the digital age, and taking a leadership role in shaping how the next generation of athletics takes shape.
  • Karin MillerAuthor of Global Values: A New Paradigm for a New World and Founder of OurNewEvolution.org
    In a polarised world torn apart by isolationism and the pursuit of individual short-term gain at the expense of the whole, League of Legends clubs promote holistic values of cooperation, competitive integrity and respect for others. Gaming is a powerful way to teach our youth how to work together to heal the wounds that divide us and Riot Games is leading the way.
  • Steven Van Garderen Hard Materials Technology Teacher at Manurewa High School
    Almost every day I get a student come up to me and ask if I am the teacher that plays games… It is a way that teachers and students can bridge a really important gap that forms a new relationship.
  • Anne CollierFounder, iCanHelpline.org
    The LoL Clubs initiative [is] both brilliant and logical. What I mean is, think about how tough it would be to teach swimming without a pool. High School League of Legends Clubs give schools the opportunity to facilitate digital citizenship in digital environments, the only kind of place where it could ever really be practised.

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